Cases: Ambulance Collision

By February 25, 2010Cases, Catastrophic Injury

In 2008 we represented a man who was broad-sided by an ambulance.  He suffered traumatic injuries.  As a result of the accident and the drivers inattention, our client is paralyzed from the neck down.  It was important to immediately begin an investigation into the accident.  We immediately began a thorough canvasing of the neighborhood in which the accident occurred and talked with numerous witnesses.  We interviewed the fire department, the police who came to the accident site as well as all other persons who were called to the scene.  Additionally, we filed our lawsuit and began an all-out blitz to obtain the dash-cam video that was on-board the ambulance at the time of the accident.  Vigilance was the key to successfully litigating this case.  Through proper investigation we were able to develop a clear picture of the accident.  After months of rangling we were able to obtain the dash-cam which clearly showed the ambulance driver failing to pay attention to the road, driving in excess of the speed limit and running a red light.  The ambulance was NOT en route to an emergency call at the time.  Interestingly, many of the witnesses did not remember the ambulance running the red light and/or speeding.  Without vigilantly obtaining the dash-cam our client would have suffered the indignity of receiving less for his catastrophic injuries.  Our client received 6 million dollars which was protected from lien holders and will forever provide him with income, medical care, in home services, a new home, transportation and more.  It will never replace what he lost but it preserved his dignity and allowed him to live without placing an additional economic burden on his family.