Cases: Ambulance Collision

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In 2008 we represented a man who was broad-sided by an ambulance.  He suffered traumatic injuries.  As a result of the accident and the drivers inattention, our client is paralyzed from the neck down.  It was important to immediately begin an investigation into the accident.  We immediately began a thorough canvasing of the neighborhood in which the accident occurred and talked with numerous witnesses.  We interviewed the fire department, the police who came to the accident site as well as all other persons who were called to the scene.  Additionally, we filed our lawsuit and began an all-out blitz to obtain the dash-cam video that was on-board the ambulance at the time of the accident.  Vigilance was the key to…

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Copayment litigation

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Missouri has a regulation which prohibits an HMO from charging a copayment greater than 50% for any single service.  Beginning in 2006 our law firm has filed suit against several HMO’s in the State of Missouri for violating this regulation.  Such litigation was extremely successful, reimbursing members of these HMO’s millions of dollars.  In 2007 Coventry Healthcare of Kansas, Inc. denied one of its members (Mary Casey) prescribed treatment by her doctor for her cancer.  We took on the battle of seeking a Court’s order mandating that Coventry pay for such treatment.  In the meantime, we found that Coventry had been violating the same copay regulation which also prohibits an HMO from charging both a copay and coinsurance for the…

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