Catastrophic Injury Injuries that are considered catastrophic, due to the enormous impact they have on the lives of the individuals who experience them, include the following: brain injury, spinal cord injury, accidental amputation, severe burns, multiple fractures of other neurological disorders. A catastrophic injury or illness very often causes severe disruption to the victim’s life. Our firm has helped to secure settlement funds for treatment for a plethora of victims.

Automobile Accidents: While no injury can ever be compensated fully, our firm has helped hundreds of families receive just compensation for injuries they sustained at the hands of negligent drivers. Auto accident cases have become more complex with insurance companies finding new ways to deny coverage and hide form their responsibility. The attorneys at McGonagle Spencer Gahagan are well trained to locate all policy coverage and formulate quick plans to assure success in litigating these matters.

Products Liability: McGonagle Spencer Gahagan has represented a number of families whose loved ones were injured by effective products. Our firm has been able to bring public attention to many defective products and obtain a favorable result for out clients.

Class Actions: We have represented Plaintiffs in class action litigation that has affected thousands of consumers. Our class action experience spans the entire country. For example, our firm was the first in the country to file suit against a company who produced millions of defective component parts for hot water heater manufacturers. With a hand-picked team of lawyers, we sued the company to obtain a settlement which paid for each and every water heater to be fixed.

Educator/Fiduciary Sexual Misconduct: We have experience and compassion in dealing with victims of educator sexual misconduct, and have been able to recover significant amounts to help rectify tragic abuse that occurs in the school setting. While Plaintiffs in these cases are typically fragile, having been abused by someone they trusted, we take pride in our ability to settle the claims with the least amount to trauma to the victim. Our attorneys have experience in handling these claims tactfully and efficiently, while getting the Plaintiff they settlement they deserve.

Employment: The laws of employment do not favor employees. Recently, it has become increasingly more difficult for someone who has been terminated to obtain unemployment compensation. Similarly, it has become harder for employees to prove discrimination in the workplace, often having to work in miserable and discriminatory conditions simply because they see no way out and must work under such conditions in order to stay afloat. McGonagle Spencer Gahagan, P.C. has successfully handled numerous sex and racial discrimination cases. They are difficult cases, however, we develop strategies with our clients to protect them legally while they make a discrimination claim. If the employment problems cannot be resolved through administrative means, we have filed claims in court under the laws of the State of Missouri and Federal anti-discrimination law to obtain justice for our clients.

Adoption: We have represented dozens of families in contested adoptions to place children in good homes with loving parents and siblings. To that end, we have fought many battles in court to make sure that families have stayed together when the state workers have tried to take children away from their parents or place them with other families. We pride ourselves in protecting our clients during this most vulnerable time in their lives.

DUI/Traffic Citations/Municipal Ordinance Violations: Our attorneys, with countless years of combined experience, are well versed in the procedures and rules in all local courts/municipalities in the area. Being arrested on DUI or related charges can be a terrifying and taxing experience. We understand the charges you are facing and will do everything in our power to mitigate the ordeal and put you in a better position, through amending the ticket, diversion or probation.