Besides representing injured parties in basic motor vehicle collisions, we work with victims suffering catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of another. At McGonagle Spencer Gahagan, P.C., we pride ourselves in our scrupulous representation for such victims. We zealously represent our clients, all the while being sympathetic and understanding of the pain and suffering they are enduring. We work tirelessly to pursue maximum recovery for injuries and hold defendants accountable for their negligence.

What is the definition of a catastrophic injury?

Any injury that results from a life-threatening incident is typically categorized as catastrophic. These types of injuries include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, burns, severe fractures, dismemberment, loss of limbs and internal organ damage.

These types of catastrophic injuries can be caused by a multitude of situations including car wrecks, pedestrian accidents, defective products, explosions, construction accidents, premises liability accidents, skip and falls, electrocutions, and medical malpractice. The effects of a catastrophic injury can be seriously life-altering and can deeply affect the victim’s ability to perform every day tasks. These types of injuries not only affect the victim but can greatly change the lives of family members and loved ones as well. The costs of medical treatment can be exorbitant and oftentimes create serious debt for the injured victim.

The attorneys at McGonagle Spencer Gahagan, P.C. have years of experience in recovering monies for those wrongfully injured. Compensation can include medical expenses for emergency treatment, hospitalization, surgery, ongoing care and any type of rehabilitative care required, loss of income during the recovery, as well as reduced future earning power if you are now partially or fully disabled plus damages for pain, suffering and emotional distress. Using the services of a catastrophic injury lawyer can greatly increase the changes of recovery for all the economic and non-economic damages.