Getting a DWI or DUI can be an extremely traumatic experience and the offending driver’s life can be dramatically impacted. The threat of exorbitant fees, jail time, a criminal record, loss of driving privileges, and a possible loss of employment can be extremely overwhelming. The driver’s license hearing first determines if you may keep your license, followed by criminal charges filed in state or municipal court, which will determine if you are convicted, and the subsequent punishment. Our DUI attorneys understand this process and will work for you during every step of the process to minimize the effect on your life.

While receiving a speeding ticket, traffic offense, driving while suspended or other municipal court violations may seem less overwhelming, going to court and avoiding insurance increases is still a daunting task.

The attorneys at McGonagle Spencer Gahagan, P.C. have years of criminal defense experience and have appeared in dozens of different municipal courts all over Missouri. We know how to work with the prosecutors to reduce and sometimes dismiss the charges brought. We will aggressively defend you and ensure the case has the least amount of impact possible on you and your record and finances.