If you have been discriminated against or injured in the scope of your employment, you have a legal right to compensation. Many employees think that by filing a claim of discrimination or worker’s compensation, they are putting themselves at odds with their employer; in reality the employee is legally obligated and protected and the employer cannot retaliate for such claims.

If employers, regardless of how large and/or powerful they are, do not follow the laws pertaining to employment and worker’s compensation, they can, and should, be held accountable.
You have a right to pursue a claim if your employer has made any decision regarding your employment based on:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • National Origin
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Filing a Worker’s Compensation claim
  • Pregnancy or Childbirth
  • Taking FMLA
  • Any complaint you made about unlawful conduct in the workplace

At McGonagle Spencer Gahagan, P.C. we take pride in standing up for the individual employee against the adversity they have faced in their employment setting. We have handled a wide range of employment cases, including worker’s compensation, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and retaliation claims. Every employment related case is different and we will sit down with you to understand the facts of your case to determine your best course of action. We will also review all your employment related documents, including contacts, non-competes, severance packages and discuss your options in the context of employment law.